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While looking through my photos, I found these from Christmas a few years back. My younger sister really loves Pokemon, so I made a Pikachu and Squirtle hat for her~ I should probably make some hoodie designs for these too! :o

My original designs tend to get overlooked, what do you guys think? I’ve been considering making a new Halloween set for the upcoming holiday, maybe with some cute monster designs~ I made a bunch of Halloween designs 2 years ago, but decided that I only wanted to make the trick-or-treat girls and the candy corn into buttons. Would anyone be interested in any Halloween buttons and/or jewelry?

Had someone request an Ampharos hoodie design, so I drew up some different ideas. We actually decided on a third design, which was with the tail, but had the tail sewn into the back panel, as opposed to hanging down~ Which do you like best?

I recently updated the design on my Eeveelution hoodies, and included more support in the ears to help them stand up straight and look extra cute~

You can see all my hoodies in my shop here:

Is anyone on here planning on going to Anime Weekend Atlanta in a few weeks? I’ll be there, just for fun (it’s my one con a year that I go to without selling so I can just enjoy myself). I’ll be doing tons of Type/Moon cosplay all weekend, and will be running a brand new panel “Cosplay Couples”, which is all about the experiences of cosplaying with a friend or significant other! Come hear my stories, or come share your own! : ) The panel will be in the Cosplay panel room, 103, Friday at 6:45.

Panel Page:

Wanted to feature one of the original fabric purselets I made recently. I fell in love with this adorable “Kaiju” fabric as soon as I saw it. I especially love where he is peeking out from behind a building~ <3  I also love this fabric because it and the teal lining the case are a super soft flannel. 

You can check out my purselet/phone cases in my shop here:

Yet another reason to love Krispy Kreme! Apparently if you show up on September 19th aka National “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, in pirate attire, they will reward you with a free donut! Suppose it’s a good time to break out the pirate costume I made for Halloween a few years back… :D

OMG I love these subtly nerdy designs from Jordan Ellis. Sorely tempted to treat myself to this gorgeous Cosmos tank top. Also, I LOVE that they are tank tops because I live in Florida and wear tanks 85% of the year~

I’m like Belle, except instead of walking around reading a book, I’m walking around dungeon grinding in Fate/Extra while cutting out hoodies and sewing together phone cases. 

My lanyards were showcased on a fun Etsy treasury dedicated to Tom Hiddleston~