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Sketching up some concept art for jewelry designs, inspired by my shiba inu, Winston~ 🐺 💕

I originally made these chevron designs for wine charms as Christmas gifts last year, and liked them so much I wanted to include them in my shop inventory. I really love how chevron patterns look, and I was also really pleased with how this combination of colors looks together~

~Available for Purchase in my Shop Here~

So this week I took on the immense task of organizing and photographing all my fabrics. I have so many to choose from, and never enough time to make everything I want to from them.

So I decided that photographing them all, and then making listings in my shop where people can choose to have them made as a



or kinchaku bag:

I tried to figure out the best way of doing this, and determined that having a few samples on each listing would be good, and then to direct people to the full gallery here (Tumblr can’t actually show them all here, because I’m limited to 10 pictures lol):



Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place

I wish I lived somewhere where this happened in Autumn~ One can’t help but be inspired by it~

(via miaka2u)

Made a ton of fabric keychains tonight, here are some of my favorites! These will be available in my shop soon~

Photographing more of my fabrics for custom orders, these character fabrics are so cute! Customers can choose to have these made into a purselet, kinchaku bag, or keychain~

I remembered to upload pictures of my new Wonderbolts hoodie, and forgot all about the Shadowbolts one! I redid the ears on these designs to make them look more accurate to the ponies in the show, and think they look much better compared to the old design. : )

~Available for purchase in my shop~

Taking a break from working to enjoy some Skyrim and my husband’s homebrew beer.

Organizing by type and photographing my #fabrics tonight. I am amazed at how many #dinosaur and #horse fabrics I’ve managed to acquire. Any of these fabrics can be made into one of my #purselets

Just hit 1,200 likes on the Facebook page! *throws confetti* Only 300 more til the next Facebook giveaway~