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Working on these Assassin’s Creed scoodies is making me feel very patriotic…

Invested in some battery operated lights for my booth display. They were pricey, but I’m totally in love with them! Surprisingly brighter than I was expecting~ Will be trying these out with my display at AFO this weekend. : )


Started watching Free, and I really hope that someone has a Tumblr post floating around somewhere that just has a collection of gifs of characters from the show shaking their hair around fabulously. :D

I wanna be a doctor like my mom, I have to study harder.

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Anime Festival Orlando is this weekend! Anyone going to be attending? Please come by and say hi to us in the dealers room! : ) 

Decided to give my Etsy shop a makeover, and tried to make things a little easier to navigate, change the names of the sections, and categorize my items to go in them. Originally, I just had a sort of catch-all folder called Jewelry and Lanyards, but with all the different options I have (and unfortunately Etsy doesn’t allow for subfolders for extra organization), I decided to split that up into several more specific folders. 

After updating my pony hoodies with a new pattern for the ears, made to be more accurate to the show’s style, it’s been a slow process getting photos of the new hoodies, as I obviously can’t take a photo until someone comissions the new hoodie from me lol. So here are new photos of my Wonderbolts hoodie with said updated ears~

~More details about the hoodies are available in my store~


For an art trade, my friend Reanna is making me a knitted hat (realized I should see about getting it from her because my honeymoon to Iceland is coming up lol), and we worked out a design together. I wanted a nordic/fair isle sort of design, but with shiba inu incorporated into the design. I am soooo excited about this.

Also extra excited because Reanna measured my weirdly sized head, so the hat will actually fit me properly. X3


Part One! I just felt like uploading all the art of Rose Quartz I’ve gotten over the past year ^^

Featuring art from: monostache, ask-thecolts, llacky, ask-coco-pommel, princess-hannahsheep, timid-arts, and dennybutt

More incoming ^_~

Sometimes I include little drawings with the orders people make in my shop. It makes me so happy when customers appreciate them~ <3

Someone requested a Glaceon hoodie sketch and quote, so I vectored one up. This was a little tricky to figure out exactly how to draw the hood from behind, so I hope it isn’t too confusing! 

~More details available in my store~