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So I made 4 Assassin’s Creed scoodies for AFO this past weekend, and sold absolutely none of them. But this is good news for anyone who would like one ASAP! : ) I have 3 scoodies in the default style (white + red), and 1 in a new color combo (white + blue + grey logo).

I ship Priority mail in the US, which takes 2-3 days after shipping~ I usually do not have these in stock, so this is a great time to snag one without having to wait for me to make it! : )

Available for purchase here:

Realized that even though I’d taken photos of it, I’d never actually put up my Greatball keychain lol! I thought it would work best to just include it as an option for my pokeball keychain, as opposed to giving it it’s own listing.

~Available in my shop here~

My Avatar hair clips were featured on this blog, along with some other really awesome ATLA goodies~

As I’m pretty much always busy, and will often feel stressed from it, sometime I will just take a few minutes to watch some videos to help make me feel better. A sure fire bet is cute or funny animal videos, especially with dogs. What about you guys, what always does the trick and breaks a bad mood for you?

Working on these Assassin’s Creed scoodies is making me feel very patriotic…

Invested in some battery operated lights for my booth display. They were pricey, but I’m totally in love with them! Surprisingly brighter than I was expecting~ Will be trying these out with my display at AFO this weekend. : )


Started watching Free, and I really hope that someone has a Tumblr post floating around somewhere that just has a collection of gifs of characters from the show shaking their hair around fabulously. :D

I wanna be a doctor like my mom, I have to study harder.

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Anime Festival Orlando is this weekend! Anyone going to be attending? Please come by and say hi to us in the dealers room! : ) 

Decided to give my Etsy shop a makeover, and tried to make things a little easier to navigate, change the names of the sections, and categorize my items to go in them. Originally, I just had a sort of catch-all folder called Jewelry and Lanyards, but with all the different options I have (and unfortunately Etsy doesn’t allow for subfolders for extra organization), I decided to split that up into several more specific folders.